Scrum Master/Project Manager (Senior Level) -

Title: Scrum Master/Project Manager (Senior Level)
Qualifications: -
Number: 363
Start Date: 02/11/2020
End Date: 31/12/2020
WorkPlace: København
Experience: Senior
Project Description: Client is preparing for going cloud in a big scale and are working for an approval of the program in the beginning of next year. The set up is a combination of agile and stage gate where the candidate will be part of maturing the project using agile cermonies. 3 teams are running agile cermonies with daily stand ups, sprint palnning, retrospective etc. The 3 teams are part of a larger programme with a thight deadline. A internal person is running one of the teams. The candidate will run 2 teams and be part of driving the programme forward. Requirements: The candidate should have a pragmatic approach to both agile and stage gate ways of working. Experience from project management and the role as a SCRUM master is a must to succeed in this role. Knowledge of infrascructure projects - Cloud in particularly is also a must in order to add value from day one
Contact Info: Jesper Mikkelsen,, Tlf. 2972 2912