Agile Coach - 30 timer pr. uge - Project Management (classic and agile), SAFe

Title: Agile Coach - 30 timer pr. uge
Qualifications: Project Management (classic and agile), SAFe
Number: 359
Start Date: 12/10/2020
End Date: 31/01/2021
WorkPlace: København
Experience: -
Project Description: Description: As we transform into the SAFe framework, our organisation and deliverables also transform into agile. However, we also operate a considerable portfolio of traditional IT projects with classic stage-gate execution models. We want our classic projects to adopt agile principles, mindset and cadence by applying our recently designed SAFe inspired agile project model. Our Project Managers receive APMG Agile Project Management training and scrum training. In order to support the projects in transforming we need a senior level Agile Coach with both classic and agile project management experience. The agile coach will coach projects managers in transforming running projects – from developing the individual change approach for each project as well as support and practice the agile mindset – often in a setting where the project domain, e.g. SteerCo and reporting, hasn’t necessarily assumed the agile principles. The agile coach will be anchored in Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence to ensure an aligned approach to SAFe and agile across the organisation. • Requirements: Excellent coaching skills and a practical mindset to help find ways that work Practical experience with Project Management – agile as well as classic stage-gate Experienced in transforming classic projects into agile Skilled in coordinating and ensuring project deliverables between projects and SAFe Agile Release Trains Strong in propagating, communicating, motivating the agile mindset, and demonstrate role-model leadership behavior
Contact Info: Jesper Mikkelsen,, 2972 2912